June 11, 2014

Jessica McClintock: The End of an Era

While perusing the interwebs recently I found a shocking article. The title told it all; "Prom Favorite Jessica McClintock has Retired & is No Longer Manufacturing Dresses"

Sad but true. McClintock quietly closed her doors earlier this year. No press releases or fancy send offs, just a closing of all boutiques and the slow removal of her merchandise from stores.  Both Ashley and I wore her to our own senior prom. To say the least the article sent us both into a weird nostalgia, for high school and our prom. We had a fabulous time at prom and our dresses were key to our prom success. We decided to look back to our prom as well as pay tribute to this amazing designer.

My date and I always thought this pic should be in a prom magazine

One of the best/funniest photos, not planned at all. Our other besties just happened to be in the back posing for a pic
And I have no idea what I am doing here. Clearly something ridic is happening off camera

Check out the full article about McClintock here.

Some of McCLintock's other designs

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