June 27, 2014

Fashion Fridays: PRIDE Style

This week/weekend SF is full of PRIDE!!
This year's logo and theme for SF PRIDE: Color Our World With Pride

Pride is all about being yourself and loving yourself. This is one of our favorite aspects of Pride. Pretty much anything goes and this is displayed most through personal style. 

For this Friday we wanted to feature some of our favorite Pride styles. 
Pride is where you can wear whatever you want or don't want.

Many people at Pride decide to forego clothes all together, but that does not mean they do not display their unique personal style.

The always fabulous, always over the top characters you see in full make up, sequins and 6 inch heels walking all throughout the streets of SF. Something we've tried and failed at.  

All the girls that wear tutus, suspenders and high socks + a water bottle filled with vodka. Obviously this is just one example. There is also lots of other looks that are super colorful, creative and fun. Again anything goes!

Some costume/character staples are the Pink man on a unicycle, Man covered in mirrors with platform shoes (the one that charges you for pictures), bondage/leather couple and many more. 

Pride is a fashion show. If your not going the costume, or naked route then you come dressed in your newest, freshest fit. You wanna look like your not trying at all but everyone knows they better come ready!

Obviously there is a zillion more ways to present and dress. Whatever you wear just remember to have fun with it and to be comfortable and enjoy this amazing celebration. 


We'll be at Pride this weekend, so be sure to follow along on our  Twitter and Instagram

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