June 16, 2014

Nashville: Night

Hello and welcome to my second installment of Nashville fun. The first was last week and it highlighted all the fun to do during the day. You can read all about that here. This week however will highlight all the after hours fun to be had in Nashville, Enjoy!

My dad and I with The King!

When in town you must walk around Downtown Nashville. I think it's fun day and night. At night it is lit up from end to end and packed with people. Bar after bar and country music blasting out of every door.

Depending on what your looking for, you will find it. While they are all country there is quite a range from mellow to over the top. My suggestions are as follows...

Honky Tonk Central: Huge bar on Broadway, 3 floors of food, drinks and music. It's loud and crazy busy but has a fun vibe. The band was great, they played top 40 music with a country twist. I'm not such a country fan so it was nice to actually know the music. They also have great balconies on the third floor, from here you can see all of Broadway.

View from Honky Tonk's balcony

Wild Horse Saloon:  Unassuming from the outside but this place is huge and doubles as a music venue. When it is not hosting shows its a great place to grab dinner and pick up some line dancing skills. I had never line danced before but it was fun to try it out and don't worry they instruct you between live music sets. Dancing here was the only time I ever wanted to wear cowboy boots.

The Pharmacy: Burger Parlor & Beer Garden: This place is a little off the beaten path but not too far from downtown. The food and ambiance makes this place great. I loved eating outside in their spacious back porch. In addition to great burgers and beers they have shakes and malts and phosphates! I had never had a phosphate before but they were delish, go for the ginger strawberry!

With the extended fam at The Pharmacy's beautiful back patio

Pinewood Social: This place is super interesting and super hipster. It is open all day long; breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. They also have a coffee bar, full bar, bowling alley, karaoke and a living room to kick it in. Its a lot and they will be adding more in the future. It is beautifully constructed and curated, but I found the food underwhelming, esp for the price. I'd say go for a drink and bowling. They have beautiful vintage lanes.

Roberts Western World: This was one of my favorite bars that I visited downtown. It is on the smaller side but had a great vibe and a great Elvis inspired band playing. It's a nice contrast to some of the larger bars because here you can sit and talk easily or just chill, drink and listen to the music.

Like I said there are bars and bars and tons of restaurants, try some out and enjoy your travels!


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