July 30, 2014

A Quick Trip to San Diego

Last Thursday I headed down to San Diego for a mini road trip & getaway. I went to college in San Diego so it is always nice to revisit my old stomping grounds. One of my very best friends still lives down there so I was able to stay and spend time with her. I was there 5 days but two of them were spent driving, so that really left me with the weekend to fit in all my favorite SD spots. 

While we did go out and have a dressed up, drinking night in the Gaslamp, most of the time there was spent relaxing and eating. Besides getting to spend time with the bestie, eating all my fave food was high on my priority list during my visit. 

You really can't go wrong with Mexican food in San Diego, it's everywhere and it is delicious. Sit downs to drive throu's, there is easily 100's of places to go. I ate several spots but my go to is El Indio, set just outside of downtown it is quick , easy and delicious. It has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, and is a great spot for a tasty, affordable meal. I took my entire family here during graduation and they still talk about it today! Try the mordiditas, they are unique and scrumptious!

Another favorite of mine and a nice alternative to all the Mexican food is Sushi Deli. There are three locations, but I prefer the one in Claremont. There was always a crazy (worth it) wait, but now they have added a great back room and patio, which basically doubled their capacity. I'm sure there can still be a wait at times but the back patio was beautifully and breezy, grad a seat there if you can. Sushi Deli has an amazing and affordable selection of eats, plus a bar and a happy hour. They have traditional rolls but you should definitely try out there other more unique rolls!
Here we have the Fire Fire Roll and in the back the Pico de Gallo Roll. Not pictured; our third roll the Hot Hot Crunchy Roll. So delicious, def try a Hot roll, you wont regret it. 

Lastly I always seem to crave froyo when I'm in SD and luckily like Mexican food it is everywhere. So when the mood struck while hanging at the beach, I was only a short walk from my tasty treat! If your at La Jolla Shores beach, be sure to grad some froyo at Yogurt Your Way

Ocean Beach
Another amazing treat San Diego has to offer is it's many beaches! Depending on what your looking for you can find a beach that suits your needs. If you want to be naked hit up Black's Beach. If you want to take your dog and be a little more secluded head to Del Mar. If grabbing a drink or a lot of drinks then getting tattooed or pierced is your thing then head to Pacific Beach. 

Ocean Beach

La Jolla Shores
I however was in the mood for non of the above and instead went to Ocean Beach and La Jolla Shores during my visit. OB is similar to Santa Cruz, it is the mellower, hippier side of San Diego. The pier offers great views and there are lots of near by shops, bars and restaurants to keep you busy. 
La Jolla Shores is more of your classic beach. Lots of families and umbrellas. Beautiful surrounding area and a great place to spend the day soaking up the sun. If you get a chance I'd really recommend kayaking at the Shores. My friend worked for one of the rental companies and gave me an amazing tour of the shore and caves. There's a bunch of places to tour through and you can usually get a great deal via Living Social or Groupon. 

Hope you get a chance to visit SD for yourself!


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