July 21, 2014

Amazing Apps: Lumosity

There are a zillion apps out there and more come out everyday, there are some however that are more amazing than others. 

Lumosity is one of these amazing apps.

If your not familiar with Lumosity it is a great brain training app. Brain training you say, how could that be!? Well I'm not actually sure how it works but I can tell you that it is fun and easy to use. The app gives you a few games to play each day and keeps track of your progress. Some of the games involve math while others involve memory and spatial reasoning.

The app is free to download and gives you a variety of games to play and tracks your progress in each game, as well as tracks a few overall stats. If you want to take full advantage of Lumosity then you will have to purchase a subscription. This can be for a few months or an entire year. I didn't feel like a subscription was necessary so I stuck with the freebie version.

I try to play everyday but that does not always happen. I do however see improvement in my sharpness and ability with the games. Little by little you get better, it is a nice break in the day or a great way to get yourself going in the morning.

All Images via Lumosity
Is there any learning apps you use?


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