July 1, 2014

USA = Ultra Stylish Americans: Our Fave American Designers

In continuation of our celebration of America today, we are talking about our favorite American designers and brands.

Kate Spade: So feminine, vibrant, and just screams "girls weekend"! Polka dots and stripes are so classic.

Kate joined up with Keds for these amazing shoes this summer

Michael Kors is one of our favorite designers - and not only because of our Project Runway obsession. His clothes and accessories are truly classic American style.

I always think of Marc Jacobs as the cool kid on the block. Always a little bit edgier.

Converse: How did basketball players in the 50's wear these we will never know. We love how many colors they come in. And how they can pretty much be worn with anything.

Toms were started by a group of Americans to bring the world together. Each shoe bought gives a pair of shoes to a kid in need. One for One. They have come a long way from their first few styles.

Loved my red TOMS, and so did my friend!

Vans: Another classic American staple shoe. So many great styles and colors. Vans are a type of shoe everybody can rock. From your 5 year old cousin to Rihanna.

Kira in the hi top checks and Ashley with the pink obviously

Old Navy, GAP & Banana Republic: Great family of stores that provides the best in everyday basics.

Mix of some of our fave pieces from the Gap Family

Betsy Johnson: Betsy is like that crazy aunt who gives you all her great kooky clothes and jewelry. We both have Betsy necklaces and they really show both her wild and tame side in design.

Love the crazy and classic of Betsy Johnson

Who are your fave Americans!?
And don't forget to catch the USA World Cup game on this afternoon. GO USA!


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