July 9, 2014

Interweb Goodies

Every time we prepare this post its a little shocking and exciting that it is already Wednesday, AKA time for Interweb Goodies!

Meet amazing artist and feminist Carol Rossetti of Brasil! Her pieces are graphically and intellectually brilliant. Check out her tumblr as well as this article for her pieces translated into English. Many of her pieces are being translated into several languages (because she is awesome) but they all originate in Portuguese.

Tired of rocking your denim jacket for every breezy summer day? Check out Lucky Magazine's sweet alternatives for summer outerwear. 

An interesting take on how social media has changed restaurants and chefs. Is the change for the better? You can decide!

Bar Crawl via BART, what's not to love!? This SF Chronicle article shows you all the best bars that are walking distance from BART stations all across the bay.

Are you sitting down? You should be sitting down because HARRY POTTER IS BACK! Ok not entirely but there is new info on Harry and his graying hair via J.K. Rowling's latest Pottermore musings.

Have the best week ever!


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