July 24, 2014

Fashion Fridays: Finding Your Style

Happy Friday!! Kira is enjoying some time in San Diego this weekend and Ashley is super excited about her cousin's bridal shower on Saturday that she's been planning!

This Fashion Fridays isn't about a particular style - it's about refining your own style. We have been talking a lot recently about how we want simplify our looks and dress a little more "grownup". Our styles have changed a lot over the years (we both went through a super preppy phase!) and I think we are both feeling like we have found our looks.

So it's super exciting when you have found the look and an idea of how you want to dress moving forward but how do you come to this conclusion? And how will you afford a whole new wardrobe? And how do you prioritize your purchases?

We have both found that we have been gaining a lot of inspiration from other bloggers, magazines, and especially Pinterest. We will look at our Pinterest fashion boards (Ashley's and Kira's) and take note of the trends throughout. We are both leaning more towards classics with a twist. Ashley is a little bit more feminine and romantic while Kira has more of a bold/geometric/pattern vibe. Looking at your Pinterest board as a whole will give you a really good idea of what you gravitate towards.

So once you have realized that you want a change and there are certain things that you want to purchase (or many things) how will you change up your look without going totally broke in the process? Shop the sales and shop the basics. Always start with basics, little black dress, new top, basic jacket. Once you have the basics down then it will be easier to add in your new fun elements. That fabulous printed jacket is to-die-for but will you wear it that often? And will you be able to wear it with everything? Mix and matching is key when shopping on a budget for a new wardrobe. Also, shop the sales for those fun unique items. The sales rack can be a great place to find those quirky items in your closet, and since they don't cost too much it won't be that bad if you only wear it a few times.

And lastly, make a list. Like really - sit down and write down all of the items of your dream closet. You can begin to form outfits in your mind and it will keep you focused on the items that you really want vs. the things that are on trend. Ashley did this and it really helped her when out shopping, she could look at a list as a reminder of things that she knew would make an impact on her wardrobe. She kept it on her phone and crossed things off as she purchased them.

What are some of your tips when trying out a new style or shopping?


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