July 14, 2014

Summertime TV

Summer is great for many reasons, while TV can be enjoyable all year long, during the summer it can be extra fun. There is something about summer TV that ups the guilty pleasure factor. I'm sure this is intentional as there is only a small window of time to get you hooked before the season is over.

This summer I haven't been watching much but there are a few shows that I love and a few that have caught my guilty pleasure attention.

Shows I Love:

Wilfred: Great inappropriate comedy. In this show Elijah Wood becomes best friends with his neighbors dog, who he sees as a grown man in a dog suit. The show follows them around in their day to day life as Wilfred (the dog) guides them into all kinds of trouble. Each show begins with the title, along with a quote. This serves as the theme of the show. Previous themes have been guilt, loyalty and consequences. Each episode while ridiculous also has a moral or a lesson leaned based on these themes.

Louie: I love this show. It is not 100% a summer show but it did finally return after a very long hiatus in May. Louie follows the life and times of comedian Louis CK. The show is fictional but draws many parallels from the comedians real life. This show is amazing, it is thoughtful and introspective. It covers a broad range of topics from adolescence to adulthood and of course is all told with Louis CK's hilarious point of view.

*Bonus* both Louie and Wilfred's past seasons are on Netflix!

Guilty Pleasure Shows:

Under The Dome: This show is loosely based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. In this show the town of Chester's Mill gets trapped under a large dome. The residents have no idea where the dome is from and more importantly why it is there. Each episode is a day in the dome, so while the show began last summer, the residents have only been trapped for about 2 weeks. The show is a little ridiculous but its also interesting and mysterious, plus Hank from Breaking Bad aka Dean Norris is a main character so you get to see him again!

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Extant: Halle Berry goes to space by herself and ends up preggers! If that doesn't scream summer sensationalism I don't know what does. This show just started so not much to report as of yet but it has guilty pleasure ridiculousness written all over it!

What are you watching this summer?


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