July 17, 2014

Ciao Bella


I have been feeling rather nostalgic recently, three summers ago I was enjoying my time in beautiful Italy while I was studying abroad.
Strolling the streets

My study abroad adventure was short and sweet, but still made a huge impact on me. During July of 2011 I lived in Rome, studied Renaissance Art and Food & Wine of Italy. Yes, those were my classes.

My beautiful Rome-mates; Amy, Tricia, Katie, Veronika, and Alicia

I lived with 5 other fabulous ladies, including my college bestie Amy, in a great apartment in North-East Rome close to Piazza Bologna. When we weren't in classes we were going to the beach, exploring ruins, eating gelato, shopping in local shops, and enjoying time together. We had a balcony that looked over the street, a washer that flooded our kitchen at least 10 times, and neighbors who always laughed at our crazy antics.
Exploring Pompeii

Capri is a dream

I was lucky enough to travel though out the country with my program. A day trip to Florence was complete with a train ride through Tuscany, shopping for leather goods in boutiques, a long extended lunch, and a trip to Galleria dell'Accademia to see Michaelangelo's The David. I also spent a weekend in Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri. Pompeii is a true wonder that everyone must see and Capri is my favorite place in Earth. Our whole program decided to rent a boat and sail around the island -  swimming through the grottos is something I will never forget.

Colazione Italiano

In my classes I spent my days in a dream-like state. In my art class we took field trips to the Vatican and Villa Borghese. We explored old churches, walked the streets to see all the spectacular architecture, all while still being marveled that this was a class! I took a food and wine class where our field trips were not quite as glamorous, however we did have an unforgettable class. Each session I would learn about a different region of Italy and the different foods and wines that come from that area. My professor, Greg, was incredibly knowledgable and made the class super entertaining. Each session we had two dishes from the region cooked by Claudia, an ex-ballerina chef extrodinaire who has blue hair and wore Gucci! In addition to our classes, I became very close with two of the people who worked at my program, Andrea and Michela, they are both so full of life and I miss them dearly!

ti amo!!

My study abroad life was a dream, not only for the reasons already stated, but for the lightness that was felt in the romantic laid-back city. Every day was a fantasy, strolling the piazzas at night, consuming a fresh made cappuccino, or conversing with someone on the metro; every day way spent with much ease.

Ashley's Italy Tips

Rome will forever have my heart

- Converse with everyone, Italian is such a beautiful language
- Go to the Trevi Fountain at night
- Check out the price on a monthly bus/train pass - it will probably end up saving you a ton of $$
- Stroll throughout Capri with friends and wander into hotel gardens
- Purchase a floppy hat in Pompeii
- Eat arancini from Mizzica in Piazza Bologna
- Have a photoshoot with at The Colosseum at night
- Divulge in da domani a dieta gelato from Gelarte (translation: I will diet tomorrow)
- Pack many maxi dresses, midi skirts, and scarves as you need to have your knees and shoulders covered to enter many churches
- Go to the top of St. Peter's Basilica
- Plan a day to do nothing other than eat a long lunch and walk around!


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